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Hear the story how BrilliantPad and Chicago PPE are helping to fight COVID-19 by creatively supplying masks. 

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Who is Chicago PPE?

We are a Chicago-based team with an international network and history of creating award-winning consumer products. To support first responders, medical providers, doctors, nurses and critical care teams on the front lines during this extraordinary time, we quickly mobilized one of our supply partners with experience making medical products.

Through our factories and suppliers, we are providing critically needed personal protection equipment, specifically:


ASTM Level 1

BFE > 95% • PFE > 95% • Delta P < 4.0mm
H2O Fluid resistance 80 mm Hg • Flammability Class 1

FDA and CE Certified

FDA Registered • CE Approved for EN 149:2001+A1:2009
Made in ISO 9001:2008 Production Facility

Chicago PPE has delivered over 3 million masks to hospitals and assisted living facilities, and we are protecting food service workers, nurses and in-home care teams. 

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While we aren’t a traditional medical supplier, we are innovative and resourceful.

Strong FDA and supplier documentation has enabled Chicago PPE to win contracts and supply medical organizations in eleven states. 

We can handle orders for millions of masks.

Our experienced logistics team successfully and reliably clears US Customs and FDA Inspections at LAX, ORD and JFK on a regular basis.

Product Details

Three durable layers: leak-proof hydrophobic outer layer, high density BFE 99% melt blown functional layer and skin-friendly non-woven fabric inner layer. Four hour use time. Made in ISO 9001:2008 certified facility.

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KN95 Masks Sold Out

KN95 masks for non-medical purposes are in the US. Purchase bulk quantities of KN95 masks here.

This CDC graphic does a nice job explaining the difference between surgical masks and respirators.

This blog article explains the difference between N95 and KN95 masks, and this technical bulletin from 3M makes similar points. 

If you have an N95 mask, ensure it's CDC NIOSH Registered and it fits properly.

3 million and counting

Chicago PPE has delivered over 3 million masks to hospitals, medical organizations and essential businesses in eleven states.

These are some of the organizations Chicago PPE is proud to support.


We aren't a traditional medical supplier, yet we are innovative and resourceful. We have a great team across the globe that wants to help you. For information on pricing, capacity, delivery times, support documentation, ordering and payment, please complete our in-take form.